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TWIB W/C 15th April



Wow! What an epic start to the 2019 season!

The results were obviously amazing but what I was most impressed with is the reaction that everyone had when they said they would finally go ahead with the finals. Even though it was cold and wet people were wanting to get back in that boat and win those medals, not by default but by earning them. And we did!

Men's Division: 1st Place

Women's Division: 2nd Place

Mixed Division: 3rd Place

I am proud of everyone on the team. And just to echo what the coaches have been saying – for all of you not in those finals this is still as much your win as it is anyone's. By just coming to training / doing work outside the boat you are driving this team forward. You guys are the true unsung heroes.

Now with that magnificent start, it has never been more important to come to training and continue exercising outside the boat. Our next target is Po Toi and let me tell you, all the teams we compete against there will be a level above what we experienced on the weekend.

Stay fit, stay committed, stay hungry. There is more gold lurking round the corner, I can smell it.

– Layton


Now that the team has paddled in anger and laid down our challenge to the other teams, they’re going to be working extra hard to make sure that doesn’t happen again. The cost of success is that you paint a target on your back.

But we welcome that target, because it pushes us to perform even better, lest we lose our coveted place on that podium. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t let off now, because we want to get even better and win much more silverware this season!

Our next race is Po Toi, followed immediately by Sai Kung. Po Toi is a favourite of many of us, and we had amazing success at Sai Kung last year. I know that this weekend is Easter, and many will be away for training, but even if you miss training on the boat, don’t let off the gas. Keep going to the gym, keep up the jogging/hiking, go pogo stick jumping if you like, just keep up the fitness.

You have to paddle the whole race to be champion – let’s keep training hard all the way to the end of the season.


Speaking of Po Toi, we’ve got a new race boat to prepare!

As a local tradition, all new dragon boats ask for blessings from the spirits and Sea Goddess (Tin Hau) before they go into their first race.

Buzz’s new race boat will have a joint ceremony with Chai Wan Fishermen's new 50 man boat.

It would be great to have some of our crew to show up and witness the event.

When: Monday 22 April (Easter Monday)

Meet: 10:30am at Heng Fa Chuen MTR station.

If you’d like to join, please sign up on TeamApp (under the social calendar).


The new boat needs a name! Your chance to contribute your suggestions at a small price. The name will be voted on by the team, so if you have a name you want to have a chance of winning, enter following the instructions below!

How: Submit your entry to

How much: $50 each entry, PayMe to April

How many: As many entries as you like (each entry at $50)

Deadline for entries: 19th April (this Friday!)

Voting ends: 24th April

Name revealed: In time for Po Toi


Gentle reminder to make sure you’ve signed up to the races you want to go to.

We close down sign-ups for some races earlier than others, and we probably won’t bother to send out any reminders after this one.

Sai Kung: closes tonight

Tai O: please sign up ASAP so we get register


Holy crap the stash is here!

Come down to Shum Wo to receive your shipment!


Take a gander at the Green Dragons newsletter – features Lamma, and some familiar faces!: Newsletter


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