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TWIB 9th August

Updated: Aug 9, 2019


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer break, despite the current tensions here in Hong Kong. There certainly is a lot going on at the moment, but no matter whether you’re taking part in marches, protests, or not involved at all, please look after yourself and stay safe out there.

Lots of important information in this email, please do read through it all 😊


The off-season starts one month from now – I can’t wait!

  • 10 September to 28 November (12 weeks)

  • Tuesday water training @ Shum Woo

  • Thursday land training @ Happy Valley

  • Race: Shau Kei Wan race on 6 October

  • Race: HK Champs @ Sha Tin on 26/27 October

  • Cost is $1000, which covers entry to the local races.

Please sign-up to off-season here:

If you know any potential new recruit, please point them to a captain, or ask them to fill in the sign-up form.

Please PayMe to April or to the Buzz bank account:

Account: Buzz Dragonboating Society

Account#: 043-287242-001

The payment deadline is 30 September

The $1,000 includes fees for entries into two local races, continued use of the Shum Woo clubhouse, industrial estate security services around the clubhouse, and very minor discretionary spending. This works out at $39 per session.


We have 3 overseas races on the calendar:

  • Kaohsiung on 9/10 November

  • Guam on 22-25 November (depending on numbers)

  • Penang, Malaysia on 6-9 December (depending on numbers)

For more information about the races, talk to Janet or to anybody that attended Kaohsiung the past 2 years.

To secure your place:

  • We need a deposit of $1000 by 31 August, for each race you want to enter.

  • This is needed for Janet to organise.

Please PayMe to Janet or bank transfer and then send Janet the receipt, indicating which overseas race it is for.

Bank: HSBC

Account: Janet

Account#: HSBC 001-5-350168

Deadline: 31 August


When: 14 September (Saturday), 9:30am to 5pm

Meeting point: Sai Kung Pier

Cost: $600 for adults, $350 for kids

What’s included?

Food, Drinks (lots of beer, wine, hard liquor, you name it), non-alcoholic drinks, wakeboarding, banana boats, slides… etc.

Your place on the junk is reserved only one payment is received. Other teams have also been invited 😊

Once you’ve paid, you’ve got a spot on the junk.

Bank: HSBC

Account: Janet

Account#: HSBC 001-5-350168


When: 7 September (Saturday)

Location TBC

We will send out more information nearer the time, but a couple of important points:

  • Every year we auction off the trophies we’ve earned over the season, as an important part of raising funds for the club.

  • We’ll be running a raffle at the door – some lovely wine and other stuff.

  • If you’ve got something you’d like to donate for the raffle, please let an exec member know!

Please sign up on TeamApp!


For those unaware, the whole team votes on the following 4 awards, to be presented at the annual dinner.

Rookie of the Year (1 x Men, 1 x Women)

Which of our rookies do you think has excelled in their rookie season and demonstrated a great Buzz attitude, both on and off the boat?

Top Gun Award (1 x Men, 1 x Women)

  • This award is in tribute to Mike "Top Gun" Nardella who tragically passed away in 2016. Mike was a great paddler, a great friend to all, and always the life of the party.

  • The award is for people that have well and truly gone above and beyond this year, in their commitment to the team. This could be in any aspect of club life.

  • The award is open to everyone in the team, excluding coaches/captains.

Please use the following link to submit your vote:

Voting will close on Saturday, 31 August.


The latest shipment of Buzz stash is arriving shortly! Yay!

We will bring the stash to the free Shum Woo dinner at Jumbo this Tuesday - see you there! If you're coming on Tuesday, make sure you've signed up on TeamApp please.

If you won't be able to get to Jumbo, just ask a buddy that is going to pick yours up for you.


As you will all be aware, Ellie, Jess, Layton, Sean, Linstow and I qualified to represent our country, Great Britain, at the 14th Dragon Boat world Championships in Pattaya, Thailand.

As the GB coaches made the decision to only take small boats squads from Hong Kong, with the standard boat squads coming from the UK, we had a much smaller chances of selection.

Linstow made the top 11 over 40s out of the 20 that tried out. The ladies made the top 6 out of 15 entries to be selected for the mixed and the gents made the top 11 out of 45 for the open premier boat.

Since selection in April we have had the task of forming a team from the amalgamation of Buzz, Seagods, Stormies, Tai Tam Tigers, Smugz, LBC, and Royal X, all with different starts, strokes and opinions on what makes a boat go fastest.

As you would expect this is no easy task but there is no replacement for time in the seat to blend a team and gain an understanding of how to work together.

Since our local dragon boat season finished we have been training pretty much 7 days a week including 3 dragon boat sessions, 2 gym sessions, 1 erg and 1 OC1 session each week as well as mobility and video review.

This has been a huge commitment for everyone involved and I have no doubt that at some point, probably during an erg session, everyone has asked “why the hell am I doing this to myself”. We have even stayed off the booze since the 1st July!

Needless to say, due to the this undertaking, the improvement across the squad has been huge. We are competing in the most competitive category, against teams of professional athletes, but no matter the result we can be incredibly proud of the determination and discipline we have shown to get to where we are. I am very confident we will do some serious damage in the competition.

You can also follow us in our quest for medals at this link:

Last but not least, none of us would have this opportunity to represent our country and compete with the best in the world at a sport we love without Buzz. The experience and coaching we have received have built the foundation we have as athletes, to compete at the highest level, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Special thanks to those who supported us and bought the British Lions jersey, we look forward to making you all proud in Pattaya.

- Pete

Good luck Team GB, you lot are amazing and the whole team is super proud of what you’ve achieved! Ga yau!

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