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Team Executives and Coaches

The past few seasons have been beyond our dreams and expectations, and that is testament not only to the hours of dedication that all our coaches and captains put in, but also to how each and every one of us in the club applies ourselves and take on-board each lesson from practice through to race day.

Come January, it will be great to welcome all our returning paddlers, but also to meet our new rookie recruits, who I have no doubt will flourish under the guidance of our veteran paddlers and coaching team.

How we bond on the boat as well as off can only serve us well for this season and also help to further strengthen the bonds we have between the club and the wider paddling community. Let’s bring everything to every session, work hard, and then work harder. I know we will be in for another fantastic season!

As with any team, there are many people behind the scenes working to ensure a smooth season for everyone. Here is your chance to get to know the Executive Committee of Buzz Dragon.


President of Buzz Dragon

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