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Buzz Dragon Boating Society was founded in 2001 by 10 core paddlers who initially met on the Canadian Dragon Boat Club Team. Our dragon boat team has seen steady, consistent growth over the years, and today has a committed membership of 70+ paddlers. We are named Buzz in memory of Scott Buzby, a fellow paddler who passed away in October 2000.


Buzz Dragon Boating Society has teams of men’s, women’s and mixed crews, who compete regularly in club, local and international dragon boat races. We are a competitive and very friendly bunch! What distinguishes us is our strong part in the Hong Kong local dragon boat culture, receiving regular invitations to fisherman races and events. These are always fun, exciting and definitely unique experiences that link our dragon boat team closely to our cultural heritage.

Our members come from around the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, UK and USA. Common traits among us include a positive and competitive spirit, a love of the outdoors and keeping fit, being friendly and open, and having an interest in Hong Kong’s local culture, both inside and outside of the dragon boat community.

Who We Are
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