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TWIB W/C 1st April

Afternoon Buzz,

It all kicks off this weekend! Whoopwhoop! No, not the Rugby 7's, Buzz's Race Season 2019!!!

First off, massive thank you to those who went to see to the arrival of our new boat! It is now safe and sound at Chai Wan, ready for our first race in it at Po Toi! Thank you to our friends down at Chai Wan for their help too.

Great to see so many celebrating the last official Sunday training and ready to bring on the racing that we've all been working so hard towards.

Hopefully you've collected your jersey from the clubhouse on Tuesday. If not, what are you waiting for?! Please make sure you pick one up this week. We've already had lots of IG and FB love for our new strip. Thank you Nora for lending your artistic talent!  Wear it proud, Buzz!


Our first race is this Sunday 7th April at Sha Tin. Ladies, are you ready?! Please see race email for details of where to be and when. If you have any questions, ask!

For the rest of the season, double check the dates that you have signed up for. If anything changes, please let a Captain know ASAP. Line ups are a headache and don't need complications from last minute changes and indecision. We want to put our strongest boats into the mix, so get on it.

New race: There has been a race added to the calendar - Tai O on Sunday 30th June. This is still in June and so your entry is covered by this year's membership. Sign up on TeamApp as usual please.


Gents, you lucky lads have an extra training session this Sunday in the morning. Please sign up on TeamApp. There has been a sewage incident at DWB as some of you may have heard, but for now we are going ahead until told otherwise.

After training people are needed to help turn boats over and tie them down for the rest of the year. Layton/Willy will be in touch.

Then you get to come and watch the ladies smash the competition out of the water! Woohoo!


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