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TWIB W/C 11th March


Great to see everyone is still heading out to training to get stronger and better leading up to race season.

Make sure you stay focussed, healthy, and injury free.


Speaking of races, we’re already entering boat crews into some races, and that means we need to know what races you’ll be coming to now.

There are a bunch of people that haven’t decided any races at all - you can’t just decide whether you’ll be at a race the week before. We treat a lack of RSVP the same as you RSVPing “No”, so sign up on TeamApp ASAP!

Attention Rookies

We need a head shot of you in order to enter into some races. Please send yours to Janet by 18 March (Monday). It doesn't need to be a passport photo - just a selfie against a plain background will do the trick.


With the new race boat on the way, we need to keep the pennies rolling in.

So to raise some extra funds, we are hosting a good old fashioned British Pub Quiz!

Date: Sunday, 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day)

When: after Sunday training, from 1pm

Where: Devil’s Advocate (map)

Get your team of up to 5 people ready and sign up on TeamApp for an afternoon full of love and fun (please indicate if you are bringing plus 1, 2, 3…)

Spread the word to your friends, all are welcome!

Entry Fee: $80

What does it get you?

1st, 2nd and 3rd for the overall quiz will get different prizes such as wine, beer...and more.

The team that come last for the overall quiz get a surprise prize.

Winning team of each round get a choice of bar snack or shots.


A few bottles of red wine from Devil’s Advocate

Beef biltong from Biltong Chief

Beer from Brandwerk/Super Bock

Water Filter System from Tony B.

And more…


With races just around the corner, erg testing is coming to an end soon.

There are still 16 people that haven’t done the test and haven’t signed up to do it either. Sign up on TeamApp to do your test – if you get to the end of testing and realise you’d better do it, don’t expect any coach to go out of their way to accommodate your schedule just because you didn’t get around to it. Having no erg time is definitely not advisable…

Don’t worry, if you feel you can do better after your first attempt there will be an opportunity for you to try again at a later stage.


The race jerseys have been ordered! We should see them at the end of March.

A tonne of extras have been ordered by you all – please direct payments to April ($150 per extra jersey, $100 per children’s size).


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