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TWIB W/C 4th March

Updated: Mar 9, 2019


We’re counting down to our first races in April – 7th of April for Lady Buzz and 14th of April for everyone else! There are only 4 Sunday training sessions left for this season, then our weekends will be filled with racing.

Now more than ever it’s important that you show up for as many training sessions as possible. We’ve had great attendance so far, but now we’re dialling in the race pieces, sharpening our timing so we can all paddle as one unit, and racing against each other to hone our focus.

Easing up on training now would be like running a marathon, only to stop at the 40km mark to take a nap. Let’s not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – this is the time of the season when champions are made, and they're made at training!

Stay focussed, stay healthy, and injury free.


With races not far away, it’s imperative that we have a good idea of numbers for races so we can enter the right number of boats.

Please take the time to sign up to races on TeamApp as soon as you know your availability. Po Toi is on a Friday this year, get your leave booked in now!


With the new race boat on the way, we need to keep the pennies rolling in.

So to raise some extra funds, we are hosting a good old fashioned British Pub Quiz!

Date: Sunday, 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day)

When: after Sunday training, from 1pm

Where: Devil’s Advocate (map)

Get your team of up to 5 people ready and sign up on TeamApp for an afternoon full of love and fun. There will be an entry fee, and prizes will be on offer for the winners! Friends and family more than welcome!

More details to follow!


Great to know some of you enjoyed the first sponsored Yoga Session on Wednesday night. It’s a great way to stretch those tensed up muscles and soothe all the muscle pain and soreness from training. Flexibility also helps increase performance on the boat.

More sessions coming soon, stay tuned!


The erg test is a valuable tool for the coaches to help with boat selection, and all paddlers are required to do it by the 4th of April. The number of spaces before each training session has been increased to 7 – please book your erg test on TeamApp.

The coaches are all busy people, don’t make life harder for them by waiting till the last minute to do your test. Don’t worry, if you feel you can do better after your first attempt there will be an opportunity for you to try again at a later stage.


Did you know that the average adult ingests 5mg of plastic per year? That’s the size of a credit card!

A lot has been happening at Green Dragons HK.

Green Dragons HK had the official launch of their “Paddle Without Plastic” campaign and press event on March 1st. Attendees included the HK Government (Environmental Protection Department), Green Earth HK, V.Cycle, WWF HK, and Plastic Free Seas. A huge thanks to our sponsor Three Blind Mice for sponsoring the press event for breakfast!

Our very own Buzz member Frank has been interviewed by local press. Here is the coverage: link (sorry it’s in Cantonese... :P).

You can also read about the campaign on SCMP: link

HUGE THANKS to those (Joan, Chantal, Bess, Linstow) who offered their help to contact some press (sorry if I have missed anyone).

They have also been approached by South Eagles (a well-known local team) with interest to set up a water station at the race that they will host.

And our very own Buzz member, movie star BHo is on the Plastic Free promotional video: link

Thank you for all your continuing support in this Plastic Free Campaign. If you consider that each team trains twice a week with 25 paddlers during 15 weeks of the season, this is 30.000 bottles that will not be added to the 5.2 million single use plastic bottles entering the Hong Kong waste system daily!

- Frank


The race jerseys have been ordered! We should see them at the end of March.

A tonne of extras have been ordered by you all – please direct payments to April ($150 per extra jersey, $100 per children’s size).


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