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TWIB W/C 25th February


Great to see so many people out for the pig cutting last Sunday – the weather gods played nice eventually, and we even got a little sunburnt by the looks of things! (well, I did anyway)

As I said on the day, the season is shaping up nicely, with great training commitment from the team, and our racing boat being built as we speak.

At training we’re now drilling the different parts of our race-piece, and maintaining that time-in-the-seat is crucial to getting our race strategy and timing locked down.

Let’s make sure we keep up the attendance and not let off the gas.


Thanks to everyone who came out, and an extra thanks to those that helped to organise the whole shindig! Thanks also to our sponsors Biltong Chief and Super Bock 😊

Here’s to a great season ahead!


As we all know, the organisers of the South Eagle Repulse Bay race on the 7th of April have rescheduled to Easter Sunday.

The decision has been made to not continue with this race on the new date. Instead, we will be entering a different race on the 7th of April - an HKCDBA Small Boat 100m Race. That's 12 paddlers per boat.

We will be entering 2 boats into the women’s division. Unfortunately we don’t have the numbers to enter into the over 40s division.


Erg testing is now well underway – some great efforts so far! If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so on TeamApp as we need to get through everyone before race season starts. The erg test is a valuable tool for the coaches to help with boat selection, and all paddlers are required to do it.

Don’t worry, if you feel you can do better after your first attempt there will be an opportunity for you to try again at a later stage.

As we all go through the erg test, you can find your score and your ranking within the team on TeamApp. As explained at the start of the season, results are published by HKID, not name, so you can find your place in the team but not identify anyone else’s scores.


The race jerseys have been ordered! We should see them at the end of March.

A tonne of extras have been ordered by you all – please direct payments to April ($150 per extra jersey, $100 per children’s size).

Also if you haven’t paid your $50 for the opening BBQ, please do so.


When Buzz Ballz and Lady Buzz socials collide, the answer is clear - lots of Tequila shots!


On 6 March our sponsor Cherry Yoga and Fitness will he holding a free Yoga session for Buzz members at Tamar Park. There are still a few spots left, so sign up quickly on TeamApp to secure a place!


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