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TWIB W/C 18th February


Some spectacular attendance levels this past week – almost 75% of the whole team was at training Sunday! We really are looking to have an awesome season with that kind of commitment. I can't wait to see what we can do in our new race boat.

But it’s also time to unwind a little with the pig cutting coming up this week. I hope we see as many people there as possible - last year we had a blast!


The opening ceremony for this season will be held right after training this Sunday, at the DWB BBQ pits (map).

We’ll have a bunch of meat and beer from our sponsors Biltong Chief and Super Bock, and of course the pig to cut as well! Not everyone is a carnivore though so we’ll buy some salads and veges to go along with the meaty stuff. We just ask that everyone make a small donation to help cover the cost – 50 bucks should do it – please PayMe to April to avoid collection headaches on the day.

Please sign up on TeamApp under the social calendar. It’s a separate RSVP to normal training. We need to know how much beer and meat to order!

A few logistical bits and pieces:

  • To help eliminate plastic, we will not provide any cutlery, plates, or cups! Bring your own cutlery / mug / plate / lunch box.

  • A few volunteers to help secure the BBQ pits would be great: 3 or 4 guys to get down there for 7:30am, and the girls will take over around 8:30am while the boys get onto the water. Please PM Hoi if you can help!

See you all there, and don’t forget to pray to the weather gods for us! 😊


Thanks heaps to those that helped out at the Green Dragon’s awareness event! The camera loves BHo!

And a huge thank you from Green Dragons to Buzz for lending the boat for the movie. Stay tuned for the Plastic Free promotion video.

Take a look at Green Dragon’s Feb 2019 newsletter – lots of Buzz bods: Green Dragons Feb 2019 Update


As we all know, the erg test is a valuable tool for the coaches to help with boat selection. Starting today, we will be getting people on the erg before each weekday practice session at Shum Woo.

We should get through everyone before race season starts, but that requires that people don’t wait till the last minute to sign up. Please find a suitable date and sign up on TeamApp. There are only 6 places per training session, so get in there and reserve a space.

Don’t worry, if you feel you can do better after your first attempt there will be an opportunity for you to try again at a later stage.


Remember to try on the race jersey samples at the Shum Woo clubhouse this week.

There’s a form for you to fill out your size, and whether you want any extra jerseys made. Rookies, extra jerseys can be useful if you want to swap jerseys with a team at internationals at the end of the season.

  • Note your membership fee covers one race jersey, with any extra you’d like being $150 each ($100 for kids size if you want one).

Make sure you pick your size by this Thursday!


On 6 March our sponsor Cherry Yoga and Fitness will he holding a free Yoga session for Buzz members at Tamar Park. There are still a few spots left, so sign up quickly on TeamApp to secure a place!


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