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TWIB W/C 13th May


What a great race day at Stanley – I’m not sure my emotional state has suffered quite that badly on race day before, but we came out unscathed in the end!

Shit happens, but as the saying goes, frustration is a means of growth. The important thing is that we move past it and focus on what comes next. And that's exactly what we did on Sunday after that mishap, and that's why we powered through and still made the gold cup final even after a DQ in one of our heats. I couldn't be more proud of the team's composure and focus!

It was a great day of fun and competition - well done everyone!

Stanley Results


We've only got a month of racing to go, and only 7 more team training sessions left. Now more than ever we really need everyone to get to training.

We're not at training to build strength or endurance - we already have that covered - we're at training to make sure we're all in sync with a consistent rhythm, working as best we can as a team.

We're coming to the end of the season, now is the time to go to that dark place and finish strong. That goes for each race, and also our attendance and commitment to the team.


We had a great – if a little hot and humid! – yoga session on Wednesday, with stretches particularly pertinent to dragon boat racing. Great job everyone that came out!

The next session will be held on 29th May – support our sponsor and sign-up on TeamApp!

When: 7:30pm on Wednesday 29th May

Where: Tamar Park


Our good friends Shum Woo need 4 pairs of paddlers to merc for them at a couple of weekday races. You’d meet at Shum Woo clubhouse at 8am, and be dropped off again at 4pm at the same location. You’d spend the day on their boat.

When: 21 May (Tuesday), 3 June (Monday)

Only need a paddle – drink/food provided by Shum Woo. This kind of thing is great fun if you can get off work to go, highly recommended! Please sign-up on TeamApp if you can make it.


The stash is at the Shum Wo clubhouse, remember to pick yours up at the next training session.


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