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TWIB W/C 6th May



I hope all of you are warm and dry after Sunday's races!

I have to say I am proud of everyone that either participated or attended. They were not easy conditions and as you saw the competition was fierce!

We have now witnessed the raw strength of the fisherman teams and we should be humbled by the experience. Those are the teams that perform at the highest level in the local circuit and they are the ones that we are aiming to beat.

It can be done but we need to train more. So make it your personal mission to attend as many trainings as possible. You can also contribute by hitting the gym, going to yoga sessions, etc. Anything that will help increase the speed of the boat.

We are a strong team, we have proved that. Now it is time to continue on this flight path and smash the rest of the season. 💪

- Layton

Tai Tam Results

There are almost no photos from last Sunday due to the horrible weather! Was great to see old friends though, with Paul, Lisa, and Alex joining us.


Our sponsor Cherry is putting on two more free Yoga sessions for Buzz members!

When: 7:30pm on Wednesday 15th May + 29th May

Where: Tamar Park

It’s a great way to stretch those tensed up muscles and soothe all the muscle pain and soreness from training and races. Flexibility also helps increase performance on the boat.

Sign up on TeamApp, under the social calendar.

As usual, we need 10 people to go ahead. See you there!


The water pumps were a hit at Tai Tam, and this week will be no different. We will have plenty of water on the junk at Stanley.

That means:

  • Don’t bring any single use plastic on race day

  • Bring a refillable bottle, filled with water, and you can refill on the junk.


The stash is at the Shum Wo clubhouse, remember to pick yours up at the next training session.


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