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TWIB W/C 22nd April


A very busy week ahead of us, with not one but two races lined up!

On Friday we finally get to paddle our brand new race boat in anger at the amazing Po Toi fishermen race.

It’s truly a spectacle of local Hong Kong culture, and a reminder of how lucky we are to be part of this awesome community.

Something we ask every year, is that nobody on the team posts to social media about Po Toi until Sunday. Some people need to take sick leave just to get to Po Toi, so please don’t get them in trouble by posting on Friday!

Check the race email coming out soon from the captains, and DO NOT MISS THE JUNK. Seriously, don’t piss off the whole team by making us short of people in the race boat.

If you have family/friends you want to join you on the junk, please contact Janet.

The second race is at Sai Kung, where we’re entering 7 boats (!!) of 10 paddlers each. The men came away from this race last year with a gold medal, so as a team we have a reputation to uphold!

Please check out the separate race email for Sai Kung when that comes out later in the week. That email will have a link to sign-up for the bus to the race course, make sure you fill it in please. You don't want to miss the epic party on the way home!

Rest up everyone, champions don’t go into battle tired.


The new race boat has officially been blessed, ready for the fishy races to come, just in time for Po Toi.

Thanks to all that came out for the occasion!


The stash is at the Shum Wo clubhouse, remember to pick yours up at the next training session.


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