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TWIB W/C 8th April

Ballz and Boobz of Buzz!

What a start to the season, Boobz! 100m is not a familiar distance to us, but did we take it in our stride! Welcome to the world of dragonboat racing, Lady Rookies!

Lady Buzz Green - 2nd in their repechage

Lady Buzz Yellow - 5th overall

Great results at the start of the season. Hope you all had a great day and have got a taste of all the fantastic things to come. Bring on the rest of the season's racing.

Thank you to Tony B and those gents who brought the beer and came to celebrate with us! Much appreciated. New jersey's looking good!

Supporting our sponsors at the 7s!


This weekend sees the Lamma 500 race, at, you guessed it, Lamma Island, at a distance of, no surprises, 500m.

We have 60 paddlers coming, so please make our lives easy, check your calendars. If you aren't sure that you have signed up, ask! Race email will come out later this week with info, but here is the list of assumed attendees for you to check now!

Tai O

Please do sign up for the Tai O race on the 30th June on TeamApp!

Sign-ups for races

Some of the more astute of you have noticed that you can no longer edit RSVPs for some races. This is to make logistics, organisation and lineups easier for us.

I know many of you are wondering when you will be told if you are racing or not. Please assume that you are racing the races you signed up for unless told otherwise.

There are many paddlers and it is easier for Caps to communicate with those individuals who are NOT paddling rather than affirming those who are. Be patient, we all have full time jobs on top of running the club.

We understand you need to plan your time, so if you need to check what dates you have agreed to race, ask a Captain in advance, if they say you are signed up, assume you are going to be racing. If you are not, you will be told as soon as we know.


The new boat needs a name! Your chance to contribute your suggestions at a small price. Name will be voted for by the team, so if you have a name you want to have a chance of winning, enter following the instructions below!

How: Submit your entry to

How much: $50 each entry, PayMe to April

How many: As many entries as you like (each entry at $50)

Deadline for entries: 19th April

Voting ends: 24th April

Name revealed: In time for Po Toi

Exec will veto rude/terrible/inappropriate/dumb names. So be sensible. Gents, I'm looking at you.



Don't forget to sign up for Yoga this Weds 10th April! Bring your own yoga mat and support one of our sponsors this year!

Details and sign up on TeamApp.

Beche Sea Cucumber

As Frank mentioned on the group, Beche have kindly sponsored us with some sea cucumber health supplements. Top 10 Men and Women Erg times are the lucky recipients of the supplements. If your name is on the list below, please see a member of Exec to collect your prizes!

Ladies: Ellie, Miky K, Liana, Liv, Janet L, Dana, Jess, Emily, Ketty, Sharan

Gentlemen: Mark, Ping, Jon, Tony B, Tony R, Seb, Henry, Willy, Lachlan, Pete

Well done for some awesome erg times! Those not in the top 10, keep working away. We value improvements in scores!


New stash arrives this week!! Woohoo! We will confirm when it arrives and how we will distribute. Keep your eyes peeled.

We also still have some old stash if you would like some of that too. See below for the current available items. Let Frank/Janet know if you would like some kit!


First race with the whole team this week, hope you're all excited and looking forward to it. Remember, look after yourselves, be sensible. Have fun, but don't go nuts. This is it, go, go, go from here on in!

Let's go, Buzz!

Paddles up!


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