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TWIB W/C 18th March


With the unfortunate events of Tuesday night, it’s worth reiterating some points about safety on the boat:

  • If you want one, life jackets are always available at Shum Woo.

  • When you’re chilling on the boat between sets, keep your paddles flat.

  • Always know who is beside you and look for them if you sink.

  • Follow instructions and stay calm.

In general, listen to instructions on the boat from the helm/drummer. Not only is it good discipline, but it helps us keep you safe.

This was a freak accident, and being in the water in the dark can be a scary thing, but well done everyone for staying calm and helping those that needed it. The most important thing is that everybody is ok.

As always, if you have concerns about anything, including safety on the boat, please come and talk to a captain, a coach, or exec member.


That’s right, the new race boat is coming home!

We need at least 8 people next Tuesday, 26 Mar, to help receive the new race boat and move it to its new home at Chai Wan.

We know it’s a work day, so we don’t expect to see half the team there, but hopefully some of you can swing by to greet our sparkly new beauty! 😍

We will meet at Heng Fa Chuen MTR station (there is only one exit) at 10:30am and walk together to Chai Wan cargo bay. No paddling will be involved, just pushing the boat to the boat shed from the cargo ship. If everything goes well we should finish before noon.

Please PM Willy if you can make it.


We’re already entering boat crews into some races, and that means we need to know what races you’ll be coming to now.

There are a bunch of people that haven’t decided any races at all - you can’t just decide whether you’ll be at a race the week before. We treat a lack of RSVP the same as you RSVPing “No”, so sign up on TeamApp ASAP!


Many thanks to all that came out to the pub quiz, and thanks to Hoi/Frank for making it happen! And thanks of course to our great sponsors for providing the prizes.

Now I know just how little I know…

The event raised over $5k for the new boat! 😊


Check out the latest news from Green Dragons: Green Dragons Newsletter


The race jerseys have been ordered!

A tonne of extras have been ordered by you all – please direct payments to April ($150 per extra jersey, $100 per children’s size).


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