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TWIB W/C 11th February

Updated: Feb 13, 2019


Awesome to see people back at training Sunday. We had a great session focusing on technique and endurance – let’s maintain that focus for the weeks to come.

Races start in 8 weeks!


Buzz is featured in the latest edition of Dragon Boat World Magazine!

The magazine is published by Buzz alumnus Henning Wiekhorst, now based in Germany, who talks about his time with Buzz and our unique place in the Dragon Boat community here in Hong Kong.

He discusses our use of a traditional teak race boat and the need to upgrade to a new one every 4 or 5 years. And you can learn a bit more about where we’ve come from! 💪

There’s also a section on Team GB which a number of our members are involved with, and some will recognise a friendly face just before the section on Buzz!

You can download the magazine here - Buzz is from page 19.


Buzz went to China recently to meet the race boat builders.

Here we are blessing our new boat’s spine, wishing for good luck, for lots of wins, and smooth sailing.

We presented the workers with “red packets” and work is now full speed ahead now CNY is over.


Could you make yourself available for a fun couple of hours on Deep Water Bay beach this Saturday?

Green Dragons are working with Lime Content Studios to film a series of fun, promotional videos for our Paddle without Plastic campaign to kick off the new season!

There will be supporters from the other many dragon boat teams that have pledged their support to this campaign.

What will we be doing?

1) Some general filming with those that attend with beach and drone footage **PLEASE COME IN YOUR TEAM JERSEY**

2) 6 individuals who are not camera shy to help us out with a couple of close up scenes. One person will be doused in water and probably that will be LINSTOW, so that might be worth seeing.


Be at Deep Water Bay beach – 1:30pm

Finish – before 4pm at latest

What you’ll need

1) A reusable water bottle! This is key!

2) Wear your Buzz kit/shirt

3) Bring a paddle

Feel free to bring friends and family, SIGN UP ON TEAM APP and continue our good work to raise awareness in our amazing sport and to help improve our environment.


The opening ceremony for this season will be held right after Sunday training on 24 Feb, at the DWB BBQ pits (map).

We’ll have a bunch of meat and beer from our sponsors Biltong Chief and Super Bock, and of course the pig to cut as well!

Bring yourself and an empty stomach!

Please sign up on TeamApp under the social calendar. It’s a separate RSVP to normal training. We need to know how much beer and meat to order!

Let’s start the season with a bang!


Each week volunteers are asked to come and watch bags on Sunday, a mere extra hour and a bit to give to your team. Thank you to the wonderful members that have consistently volunteered their time.

But the team does not just consist of this handful of people. A team means everyone plays their part, and attitude outside the boat says a lot - there's a reason it's an input into selection!

Don't just let others do the work each week - we're a team of 76 people, we should be able to share the load.


Remember to try on the race jersey samples at the Shum Woo clubhouse this week and next week.

There will be a form for you to fill out your size, and whether you want any extra jerseys made.

  • Note your membership fee covers one race jersey, with any extra you’d like being $150 each ($100 for kids size if you want one).

Make sure you pick your size by 21 Feb!


The line-up of Buzz sponsors for the 2019 season has been finalised, and all the juicy details can be found in Frank’s email on 30 Jan, and on the announcements group. Needless to say, we’re very grateful for such great support, without which we couldn’t run the club.

Show our sponsors some love throughout the year in appreciation for what they’re doing for the team – even FB and Insta likes go a long way!


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