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Buzz Exec Nominations & Feedback

Updated: Jun 18, 2019


With the end of the regular season almost upon us, I want to talk about something less exciting than racing, but very important to the team nonetheless – the exec.

The exec, consisting of the two club secretaries, the two captains, the treasurer, and the president, are responsible for the running of the club throughout the year. With input from the coaching team, we organise training, enter Buzz into races, secure sponsorship, organise social events, and even buy the occasional dragon boat!

The exec positions are voluntary, and the exec donate many hours of their time to make sure the team is looked after and runs as smoothly as possible. Why do we do it? Dragon boating is the quintessential team sport – the team only does as well as the combined individual efforts of every member. And for me, being on exec was just another way to put in more effort for the team. We’re a family, and everyone wants to see their family succeed.


Now that the season is almost over, the time has come to pass the torch – nominations are now open for exec positions!

Here’s how it works:

  • All positions are open for nominations: Women’s captain, Men’s captain, 2 x Club Secretary (not gender specific), Treasurer, and President.

  • In particular, we definitely need nominations for women’s captain, treasurer, president, and probably a club secretary. But you should put your hand up for anything you feel you’d be great at!

  • Anybody may be nominated for any exec position.

  • You may nominate yourself.

  • If you are nominated for a position by somebody else, you may decline.

  • Please PM Willy or email if you want to nominate someone, or yourself.

  • Nominations will close on 30 June (the day of the Tai O race), and voting will commence shortly after.

If you enjoy your time with Buzz and want to give something back to the team, helping on exec is a great way to utilise your skills, be they paddling skills or something else, to help out your fellow teammates.

See the attached document for details about each exec position. If you have any questions about what’s involved, you can talk to any of the exec, to the coaching team, or any of the senior paddlers in the team.


Even if you don’t plan to join the exec, you can still help to improve the running of the club by reflecting on the year gone by and providing feedback. Everyone can improve in some way and that includes the exec, and your feedback will help us prepare for the next season.

Please use this link to provide your feedback:

Please note:

  • Responses are anonymous

  • All feedback questions are optional

  • Responses will be read by Willy, and nobody else.

  • Willy will aggregate overall feedback before reporting to exec – no specific answers will be passed on.

The feedback form will be active until 30 June. Any questions, feel free to drop Willy a PM or email

Thanks for helping us make Buzz even better.

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